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Default Re: My spring set

Cheryl, when using the 70-300 in macro setting I most often use it on manual setting (a simple switch, you can blindly find and use, on the lens itself switches that mode on/off) as it is hard for the camera and lens to know what to focus on at times. It's easier with the 18-55 lens which doesn't have a macro setting but a minimal distance to subject of about 20 cm (c. 8 inches).

Lenses nowadays take such sharp pictures that, as long as you keep thinking of your composition somewhat you can make it perfect or better later.

What amazed me was the quality of these pics while they were all shot from the hand! Yes, even the last frog picture. No tripod was used although all the old techniques of steadying the camera came back easily and having had military gun and shooting practice helps, too. I personally like to have something somewhat heavier in my hands, it actually helps me hold it more steady than the two smaller non DSLR cameras.
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