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Default Re: My spring set

These are amazing Hans. Compositionally I like the first three the best. The eye is drawn in to the center of the first by the tight focal range. Being off-center suits the daisy (I know I'm bad at judging how to crop such subjects and stick with centering, so I'm taking note of this). And the bee is the most amazing yet; so well focussed you can see the pollen on his leg, and again the composition seems just right with the bee on one side and an empty flower on the other.

I love macro photography, but I'm so limited in what I can take myself since I just have a subcompact camera. I think there's definitely going to be a digital SLR in my future. I'll be asking for advice on lenses at some point in the future...

To take these shots did you manually focus the lens, or was it autofocus?
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