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Default Hans 4: spring set

P'ter's posting such nice photographs "shamed" me into posting some of my spring pictures.

I have been doing photography quite seriously long ago with good material and even a small studio at home. I can't remember anymore why photography I started spending less and less time on photography. Then when digital came along I bought a simple camera (or three or four) and was content.

Last year things started to "itch" and I got myself a Canon 1000D DSLR camera and some lenses. I'm back and refound one of my favourite passtimes. For my more serious photography attempts I've started a flickr account ( and the first set I created and photographs I put up concerns stuff growing and living in my wife's beautiful garden, a subject I can fill hours with

I call this "composition in green" even though it actually isn't. It is a "hesitant hosta" that is about to break into flowering.

How beautiful a simple daisy can be!

I titled this one "a waspish contrast". I don't know the name of the flower but the nickname in Dutch is: eggs, sunny side up

Some of you might know/remember that we have a sizeable pond in the garden. This little fellow is one of its inhabitants. And what a cute little poser he is! Ready for a kiss, of course

This one is called "An insect on King Edward VII" because that's the name of the ribes bush behind the garden house

Alright, one more of Kermit because the little bugger is so cute

All these pictures were taken with the Canon camera and a 70-300 mm zoomlens on macro setting on a moderately sunny day at the end of the afternoon, which - I find - gives the best lighting for photographing plants closeup with a digital camera. They are post processed with Adobe photoshop.
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