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Default Re: After the Storms

Originally Posted by AnnMarie View Post
P'ter is right with his first guess about what caused that deformity... the original trunk was cut, infected, or broken, and a lateral branch began receiving the root nutrients, thus making IT the trunk.
Look closer. That's not a lateral branch, that's the deformed trunk. Hard to see in the two pics, I know.

We had timber cut about 12 or so years ago. Back then, that tree was a small sapling, and some part of a tree that was cut down must have fallen on it. It survived, and grew out and around the obstruction, which has rotted away. The upper "bent" section might be a lateral branch; I'd have to hike across the hill onto the back 40 and take another look to be sure. When I do, I'll take more pics.

Pine around here grow quite quickly if they have enough light. That area is open and well lit, comparatively. They also rot away quickly if on the ground. That area is soft ground, right next to the creek in the first pic, upstream from the first pic. Quite damp if there's any moisture at all.

Just my suppositions, based on knowing the history of the land.
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