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Default Re: Christmas Pictures

Looks like you had a great Christmas dinner

Since you posted these in here and not in Exhibit Hall...
Please tell me why actually none of the people in the picture are looking at you?
I mean the pics are not bad, the first one being much better than the second, butthey lose "life" to me and have no soul because it seems you were a bystander, not the photographer?

In the scond pic, crop the irritating pieces if christmas lights out. It being a loely feature in the large white area draws the eye. It can easily go without "damaging" the glasses of wine Next time ask the lady with the reddish hair to move out of the picture? Now she has (to have) her head cut

The first picture is nice and does bring across that they are having a good time. But it would havw been a real good photo if you wold have caught their attention (by asking for it or doing something).
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