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Default Re: Hans 3 - France, Germany and Belgium

I see what you mean Farclas, and placing something in the foreground does work wonderfully well indeed. I hadn't actually thought of that but did toy with the idea to crop out a piece of the bottom so the rock would be gome as the lighter spot of beige colour attracted my eye every time when I looked at the picture a little longer

As for the green foliage, you probably reacted to the fact that the light on that side is a tad too bright. I ust admit I did try to 'shop' that a little darker but it didn't come out the way I wanted it and i the end I decided to post the original and see what people here thought. I'm personally still undecided whether I like the light spot or not. Thanks for taking such a close look, although that is, of course, the purpose of this forum

I personally like the water reflection shot too, but in the (wider) original that modern wooden structure on the right ruins the shot for me.
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