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Default Re: P&S batteries, LCDs and that pesky shutter lag

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
I do take a lot of photos when we are out and about...or especialy when were at the odd convention...Copenhagen over 1300 photos...LOL But I still would have had to take regular batteries for that trip, as we don't have the same voltage here as they did it wouldn't have done me any good there...but here a rechargable would come in handy.
If you're talking about the mains voltage needed by your battery charger, a lot of them operate at quite a range of voltages. My camera battery charger is just as happy being used at 110 volts in the USA or at 240 volts in the UK. I just need to take a plug adaptor. The acceptable range of voltage should be written somewhere on the charger.

More tips for maximising the life of rechargeable batteries:
  • The first time you charge them make sure you leave them in the charger long enough to ensure they are fully charged. Don't be tempted to rush the process. Some batteries have a memory and this very first charge defines their capacity.
  • Every now and then allow a battery to fully discharge before charging it again. (This used to be compulsory for the old NiCad batteries. NMh batteries are much more tolerant to being topped up, but the occasional complete discharge and recharge can still rejuvenate them.)
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