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Default Re: Candids photoset

Nice pictures and a nice place and interesting 'subject matter'

Hmm, wouldn't this be criticising a professional, Farclas?

Right, photo #1 I like least. It doesn't bring across anything and comes across as a snapshot.Now if we could have seen something more (even if nly the backside) of the person the girl on the right is lookig so dreaily at... But no, the arm in the forground irritates and the other girl seems to have nothing to do with anything in the pic.

Now the others are far beter and much more "intrigueing"
Photo #2 is the best, imho, but I would have cropped the lady on the left out of the scene. I very much like it for the looks of the two men. It would have been marvelous if you could also have the picture speak its meaning without the (necessary) caption but I like this pic nonetheless

Photo #3 is good on its own, does not convey the station and missing a train but it does seem to wnt to tell a story to me. More than one story actually this scene could go all kinds of ways!

Photo #4 is good but definitely needs cropping. here again it would have been nice if there had been more indication of where the picture was taking but you cant have it all, especially not with candids. It does bring across the businessman texting

Photo #5 might even be better than numebr 2. I like it very much because of what it brings across; something we all experience almost everything nowadays (or not?). The fact that it's a reasonably good looking girl adds to the photo, as is her smile and (how do you say that in English?), the way she looks/her eyelids are almost closed in merriment and/or concentration.

As candids go these are nice, except for teh first one. Even knowing Waverly Station and having been there relatively recently (WHY didn't I arrange to meet YOU, I now ask myself...) the qualty of the lighting still amazes me! But maybe that's your skill and quality coming through.

All in all I do like this kind of photography very much but don't have the time to indulge myself.
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