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Default Re: Grasses in backlight and normal (Hans 1)

I accept that the balance between light/dark - blue/black in the first pick could be better but I also liked the few very thing grass blades that now show and the fact that one is so clear that you can see every little hair. For that space around it was necessary.
Hence I went for a more "grass crowded" view in the second pic. It brought more contrast but also more black. So I think I agree with Draco on this.

Maelin, I have though os cropping that third picture and actually have done so, but the disadvantage of it was that you also lose the first branching of the first two little branches with mutulates the plant, I think. So I decided against it this time and left the relative heavier presence of the black in the bottom of the picture.

As for the garden pics. Yes, could do that and it would give some more air/height although that tree you see is very much uhm... is very much there And when I looked at the pics I found the tree too dominant when not cropped off. So I cropped it this way to force the attention to the hedges. I'll make a second version of both cropped according your advice. Sometimes you just have to look at things a little longer to see it "differently", thank you.
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