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Default Re: Grasses in backlight and normal (Hans 1)

I don't agree with those who say there should be more grass in the first shots. I think that with them being backlit, more grass would detract too much from the overall effect of the picture. Lay on your back in a grassy field and look at the sky. Unless you turn your head close to 90 degrees, you're not going to see much more grass than that.

But the first shot of the garden is too panoramic, too wide-screen. It needs more height. I feel like I want to see more of the trees, or get out of the car I'm in, forced to see the garden through too compressed of a view. If the shot was taken out the window of a car, I would include that window to help frame the picture.

I like the way the decorative grass's color explodes in the foreground in the second garden shot, without completely overpowering the background's hedge shaping, and the trees in the very rear repeat the almost disorderly feeling of the grass, as compared to the order and organization of the shaped hedges. This is my favorite of your group. I'd like to see other plants that I see in the first photo singled out in the same way, if possible. With the hedges to tie them together into a series, I think they would go together in a display piece for a large wall.
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