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Default Hans 1: Grasses in backlight and normal

Since a few years I find myself accompanying my wife on trips to gardens and including gardens in our holiday trips. This results in may garden pictures just to record ideas and register plants but sometime I get the chance to do something different.

Last year we visited the private garden and nursery of a famous garden and landscape architect who specialises in grasses. And because of the day I had a chance at some backlight/blue skies pictures I present here.

As for the first two I especially want to know which one appeals to you best and why. But every criticism is welcome of course.

Nothin much technical can be said of these except that I had to wait a few minutes for mother nature to provide the amount of white (clouds) I wanted

This garden designer had a lovely garden of which the next two photographs but represent one aspect. I loved the way he sculpted the hedges at the end if this garden and the majority of points for composition are for him, not for me

OK, have at it!
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