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Default Re: Let the Games Begin!

Draco, I do like both pics and after due consideration agree with you on the composition of the first picture, which I like better (composition wise) than the second. I do understand your remark that the first leads up to the second but that has probably more meaning for you as the photographer than for any other viewer.

I beg to differ on the fact that these pictures lost (colour) in time and in scaning. They are, imho, definitely too red and seem to definitely have lost colour. You explain about te lighting but I don;t think your description accounts for the over abundance of red tones and the faded quality, which does indeed lend a certain atmosphere. However, I have taken the liberty to "shop" and remove the red, add some contrast and some "coldness" as I wanted to see how they looked with that added instead of the dreamy feeling your originals have. My reason was that the the dreamy feeling does not go along with the decayed, sad matter-of-factness these pictures induce in me... (let the games begin...)

This still has the disused and disregarded sadness but because of contrast looks sharper and definitely colder.

I also wondered how your subject would look as an old sepia daguerrotype picture of the late 19th century...

I treated the first one like I did the second and that turned out like this:

What I love in this is the loss of colour tone (read: the fact it isn't a warm/red picture anymore but the exact opposite) and I absolutely lobe hpw the fallen, dried leaves still give a golden colour as opposed to the silvery almost metallic quality of the old leather.

I'd say A+ for your choice of subject and the actual photography but I'd personally never show the pictures as you have. I know, to each his own, but I would dearly know the opinion of other people.

And yes, my photography hobby has always been the actual photography and the postproduction/presentation in equal portions.
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