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Default Re: New Pern Books !

Originally Posted by Blue Rider 16 View Post
I despised Dragon's Code. It completely contradicted Piemur's whereabouts established in The Renegades of Pern. It actually made me wonder whether Gigi's increased involvement post All The Weyrs of Pern is responsible for the rise in Anne-consistencies in the later books.
I found Renegades of Pern to be inconsistent with a lot of the timeline of the other books, and tend to ignore it. Masterharper of Pern is also annoying from this point of view, though both stories are interesting in themselves.

Dragon's Code fits in nicely with Dragondrums and TWD as long as you ignore Renegades. And you don't get a lot of repetition of the events of these 2 stories from a different POV --- new events (except for egg-theft), new story, new view of the Oldtimers.
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