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Default new portrait in PMA Pern Portrait Series

The much revered resident PMA artist Linda Eicher has delivered her latest astounding creation in the Pern Portrait Series: Tarvi Andiyar, later known as Tarvi Telgar. You might remember his partner Sallah Telgar being the first portrait in this series some months ago. Well, Sallah is not alone anymore, her beloved Tarvi has joined her! On special request Linda also pictured two other early Pern characters in the background (which pictures working on the Fort caves itself): Cobber Alhinwa and Ozzie Munson, the last of which helped Tarvi founding Telgar Hold and settled there. The new portrait with the, by now established "storytelling background scene", is the fourth in the series Linda Eicher made for the Pern Museum & Archives.

Please go to the Pern Museum & Archives and click on the portrait to see the full painting in the encyclopedia (from where you can access an even larger version).

Ladies, isn't he gorgeous?
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