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True Bendra, and that's what I've heard reported, that in part response to pressure from US fans, the US publisher is letting each book stay more and more British.

It's not as simple as abiding by the author's wishes - the publisher is one that goes to the expense of printing, binding, and shelving books in the stores. That's a big investment on their part, and it give them some say in things like this. They have to be sure it's worth their investment, and they presumably have a much better idea of what will sell in a given market than the author. It would be all well and good for an author to throw a fit and say it has to be edited my way, but if the publisher disagrees, then the book won't see print. Not that the publisher is always right (we know they make horrendous choices in cover art at times!), but they certainly have the right to make such decisions.
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