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Default Re: 9th Pass Pern clothing

Oh yes, I think I can safely say we have experience with that in researching Terran archives; which is comparable.

I have said it before (on old KT): long ago, when there weren't many people who could wrote (think monks) and read, the handwriting was clear and regular.

Then people startied writing themselves and we get all kinds of trouble, bad handwriting, not enough knowledge, no (or not enough) grammer rules and bad copying etc.

Then that disappears somewhat when people get more education but the trouble is virtually solved after the printing press was invented.

The above of course does not only apply on the current subject but to all subjects that involve the written word in any way.

How about: check cattle, if necessary inject beasts against check cattle, if necessary reject beasts ... (knowledge lost) and I'm sure we can think of many examples.
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