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Default Re: 9th Pass Pern clothing

I know beyond any shadow of doubt that I have no knowledge of tanning or dying leather/animal hides in any form, however I'd like to make mention of a speculation. In Dragonseye (Red Star Rising), Iantine monologued a bit about an early artist who had compiled a list of what native flora produced which pigments best for painting. If someone had that insight early on where the procedures and materials from Terra were still fresh in their minds, then its possible and even likely that Pernese materials for producing various colored dyes for leather and linen could have been compiled as well. sure after 2,000+ years the origins might have been lost, but knowing that Fellis produced a certain color and say Klah leaves another wouldn't be that hard to propogate over the generations.

Basically I remembered a radio article at one point how current artists were bemoaning how their pigments were never as true or vivid as the classic painters, then a note made that the main ingredients of the older paints were Lead, Cobalt, and other elements that prolonged exposure to resulted in Death.
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