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Default Re: 9th Pass Pern clothing

Originally Posted by vyon View Post
So how do they get leather in Harper blue?

I'm sure the traders would carry dyed goods, threads, laces and braids. We just haven't heard about them because Anne's protagonists are more interested in bubbly pies and dancing to Harper music.

But I think I'll leave leather dyeing to the drudges!
Terran example from c.1558 (as written by Alexis of Piedmont):

"To Die Skynnes Blewe, or of the Colour of Asure
Having fyrst well washed the skinne, and than wronge him, take the berries of walwort, and elderberries, and seeth them in water, wherin Roche Alome was dissolved, pass him once thorowe this water and let him drie, than pass him again thorowe the same water, and being wiped and dried againe, wash him with cleere water, than scrape out that water with the back of a knife, and once again pass it over with the same colour, and let it dry so that it be of a very blew or Asur colour."

Walwort (or walewort) is an old name for the Dwarf Elder (European, NOT American). The author of the website adds: "It's interesting to note that that this is the first period recipe I've seen for blue leather that involves berries rather than woad or indigo. Most berry dyes fade quickly when exposed to light."

Roche Alum is alum made from alunite as explained here.
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