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Default Re: 9th Pass Pern clothing

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
Gidget...So glad to see you again...
Thank you It's been a while ......

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
yes I will agree that most of the gentry would be wearing comfortable clothes that woudn't hinder them being able to work easily. I also believe that hats would have been worn by many different Pernese for their everyday comfort...but if they wore hats for everyday...would they also have them for fancier occasions? So many different societies developed fancy head has me wondering if Pern did as well?
As has already been mentioned, some sort of filmy scarf was used by the upper crust girls (well, at least Pona and her crew). However, if hats were everyday and worn by dirty peasants, then perhaps hats wouldn't be quite so prevalent in the upper societies? One of the reasons why, in 15thC Italy, rich women stopped wearing covering headgear (which, incidentally, women wore because in the bible it states "But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven" 1 Corinthians 11:5) was to show off their intricate braids (shown off because it obviously meant you could afford to employ somebody to groom you and that you didn't have to work all the day long for money).

In DF when Fax is showing F'lar and F'nor to his ladies it is noted that "[s]ome of the covey had not all winter long made much use of water, judging from the amount of sweet oil gone rancid in their hair." I take this to imply that their heads were bare. I know Fax was trying to insult F'lar, but I don't think that that applies to the appearance of his women.

On a matter of colour, it states that Gemma was "blue-gowned" and that outside "there was not a gowned figure to be seen".

I know DF has bred continuity errors with later books, but the written word is the written word.

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
For some reason I see a lot of Green being worn in the everyday clothing...mostly because I think it would be extremely easy to get a hold of even for out of the way holders to use.
Perhaps for everyday wear amongst the holders and farmers etc? Workwear, perhaps, but not finery for weddings and Gathers? After all, people mainly ward off bad luck when something momentous is happening.
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