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Default Re: 9th Pass Pern clothing

Originally Posted by Gidget2 View Post

I've never really understood why, for many people, fantasy tales always take place with a background of wimples, bliauts, doublets, hose and chemises. (I know Pern is supposed to be sci-fi.) It is a good point - why would future societies revert to such costumes? Simple styles that are hardy, easy to take care of and cheap to manufacture would be the norm for 90%+ of the population.

Yes, Lady Holders would have more elegant dressings made of more expensive and laborious techniques and materials.

I think that for outdoor workers, hats would make absolute sense, and not just in tropical areas - the summer sun in Tillek's fields could, no doubt, get very warm indeed. I think for most agricultural workers some sort of conical straw hat would make an appearance. Woollen hats for Northern workers and fishermen, and possibly cheches/tagelmusts for those in Istan and Igen deserts. Interestingly, this article from Wikipedia has a mention of indigo permanently dying the skin over time ......
Concur on both clothing and hats.
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