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Default Re: Margatta of Fort Weyr

Margatta would have been the second-in-line gold rider at Fort Weyr when they came forward, and would probably be in her late forties.

Total population of a Weyr at the end of a Fall would be about 600: 360 riders, 40 or so Hatch/Year/Weyrlings, and 200 Lower Cavern folk. The isolated location of the Weyr impedes outside romantic attachments, and the LC folk may not have been told exactly what was going on. All they would know was that the dragons were going away somewhere.

Larger is built into each generation because there was, at the time this was set, NO END to the threat of the Red Star.

Regarding Crossing: there were NO DRAGONS! Crossing came eight Turns after Landing and the Pernese had only just found fire lizards.
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