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Zennor, Portheras, Pendeen

The beach is scarcely there beneath
the looming thrift- and green-strewn cliff:
a sea-carved shore of pockmarked stone.
The waves recede, and now the sand
is red-stained with the rusty spume
and sun upon the tumbled rocks.

Above, the wild montbretia flames
beside the wheal-house, derelict,
its cogs and gears in silence, seized,
between the stands of twisted gorse,
while tumbling waves tap out the notes
no longer echoed from below.

The tunnels driving out to sea
so deep, have seeped, are steeped in salt.
Their richness, once, in stolen tin
has gone, and let the ocean in.

(This one's straight-up geographical nostalgia.)
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