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Default Re: Pixel Dragons (Spyro)

And here's an update at last!

Grr...this one should have been finished a lot sooner. I'd become dissatisfied with my original pixelly Spyro pictures - the males were too fat and the females too thin, to name one problem - and I decided to revamp them late last year. I eventually managed to come up with a better design for the bodies, and was half finished when...some utter monsters broke into my house and stole my hard drive, meaning I lost this, all my files, and all my family photos.

Thankfully, I had my Ipod on my at the time, and it had low quality versions of more than 2/3rds of the lost images, so I managed to use that to replace the files. Anyway, all I had of the work I'd done on this was a blurred and shrunken image of the picture, which, as you can imagine, wouldn't be much help when drawing pixel art.

Nevertheless, I finally decided to confront the damn thing and eventually ended up with a design that looked good, so here's the first part; showing pixelly versions of Ignitus, Terrador, Volteer, Cyril, Spyro, Cynder, the Chronicler and Malefor. In addition to this, it shows all these characters as the opposite gender - to allow a person to picture what other dragons of a specific element may look like - and as a young dragon. As a bonus, I've also tossed in Ember and Flame, and Cynder with her colouring from Dawn Of The Dragon. At a later date, I'll do adult versions of both Ember and Flame, and I'll also do the Dragon Soldiers that appear in Dawn Of The Dragon, and perhaps Sparx - although he's pretty hard to detail that small!

I've also included five Elemental Sigils; based on the images shown in the first game - Spyro's one may seem odd, but it's shown briefly during the final battle with Cynder in A New Beginning, and represents Convexity.
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