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Default Pixel Dragons (Spyro)

A few days back I was browsing a Spyro RP page, and I got annoyed at the fact that I didn't have any pictures to represent my characters with. In the end, I decided to remedy this by making pixel versions of the characters in the Legend Of Spyro games; ones that could be edited by anybody to make new characters. And here it is!

Pixel Spyro Characters
There's more information on my DeviantArt page - check it out there.

By the way, would you believe that despite me being a fan of it, I've never actually played one of the Spyro games? I got into it one day while browsing DeviantArt and discovering the fandom. I soon plan to remedy this problem of never having played a game (suppose technically I have seen ONE being played by a friend years ago); just need to get the proper game console...already found some of the games at a second-hand store...

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