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Default Re: Upgrading Adobe Elements

Weyrlady - I understand your scruples. And you're right that you should try to nail it in-camera.

However . . . I do regard Photoshopping as the modern incarnationn of the darkroom. I used to love the smell, the dark warm glow and the joy of watching that image emerge. I also tweaked quite extensively, dodging and burning, and all the other little tricks to make for an eye-popping print.

And let's not be snobbish - I find myself using iPhoto's basic editing facilities quite extensively on those images taken purely as family records or for my own entertainment. Sometimes it's all you need - an exposure tweak, a quick crop and a light touch of sharpening!

But you only have to study the work of landscaper Edward Weston to see how much the darkroom can contribute to the finished product.

At my level, however, it's more a case of rescuing an unrealised ambition and getting something out of it. I do use Apple's Aperture for my RAW pictures and actually do prefer it to Adobe's Lightroom. It may be slightly less powerful, but I find the interface more intuitive and friendly. But ymmv!
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