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Default Re: Upgrading Adobe Elements

Ditto on the 'nifty find', Farclas! Thanks!!

I recently (and finally)upgraded from Elements 4 to Elements 6, and am really impressed! I was trying to the "one color elemenmt in B & W", and 4 kept crashing on me (and making me start over), but 6 appears to be awesome. As Cheryl said, they keep coming out with new stuff you can do.It's user-friendly And powerful!

I'm also a bit of a purist, I'll admit. Photography is. . . well, photography, and a "photo illistrAtion" is altogether different. Both totally have their merits, to be sure, I just believe in keeping the two separate, and in being honest, especially when it comes to the sale of a piece, about what you did to it. I know. . . I have this inner ethical thing goin' on. I don't do a lot to my stuff (work?!)- sharpening, color correction, cropping, shadows/highlights, on an 'as needed' basis. Mostly, I do the "old-fashioned" route and try to nail the exposure, composition, etc., the first time in-camera. As some of my submissions in the ThemAtic Photography forum prove, I don't always do it (that's where Photoshop comes in!)

For the makeup-wearers in the crowd, I tend to use Elements to enhance what's already good about a photo, just like makeup is to enhance to natural beauty of the wearer. Makeup optimizes what you're naturally given, PS optimizes what good light and pretty scenery (or handsome models) naturally give.

I use PS Elements and Apple's iPhoto together. I can organize things into albums and events using iPhoto, and then do more 'heavy photo editing' (for me) using Elements. The latest version of iPhoto has gotten more powerful, and you can actually do some pretty fancy editing there too, but I still use Elements 'cause I know my way around it better. And some things, like Elements B& W conversion tool, are WAY better. Adobe didn't become THE software for visual artists for nuthin'.

Does anybody have Apple's Aperture? Just curious
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