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Red face Re: Campfire Coffee Story, the Creation of the Truck Stop/Norwegian Coffee

Here something I hope evey one likes. It happen to me as a kid.
I can give Dan may other half of the place the idea, for when the first time he did stop till tears in his eyes, I used it as an essay for my life long learn.

This is just a background infomation on my story.

September 2021: Update: I shall have to comeback Chequamegon National Forest, U.S. Forestry and fixd this post better, I need to cross-check my links, I now have Word, but I haven't useed it in a few years, I have someone work is working with me one-one and This is one of those stories , that I shall have to uupupdate my references, I do know that my dad did point out his dad in the
big black and white image of all the CCC worker. at that camp, at the Visitter information center, at the main camping site. Its right next to the Dam. I have a lot of memories camping their, I have been bakc and we even walked down to the site that we all loved, and walk ed out to the dock, I even saw a perch weri ? like I said Z I am going to have to com back and updated stuff. GinnyStar
My dad's wasn't born till after
it was build,. But he told me that he and and his family camped in tsite thawas first build my tthem, its right next to the Pick nick Service, Wisconsin. The Mondeaux Dam, Spearhead Point Camping Ground The first camping ground and picnic shelter built by the WPA (Work Projects Administration)
My Grandfather Harry, Sr. Korleski was made a foreman at the at Mondeaux Dam Flowage he was head time keeper (did the bookkeeping)

By the way. I will have do some editing so I started a feedback on another thread for this story.
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