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Want to be stationed at Mayren Tower?

Mayren Tower will be a play-by-e-mail based in the Tower world, of course, and my partner and I are still, as I've said, very much trying to fine-tune everything, but we would still love it if you came to help and join us.

You can find what we have so far at the homepage: If there's any way you'd like to assist in the world-building, point out mistakes in or contribute to the information, or even join the "madness", we would certainly love to have you, and of course offer profuse thanks for your help.

If there's anything you'd like to discuss, I can be found online virtually every night on AIM as Shihen Aitsu. I usually log on around eight pm Mountain Time and stay on late.

Thanks in advance, and have a great day/afternoon/evening. v^n_n^
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