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Re: Golds prefer holder girls?

Found my copy of Moreta's Ride a pair of books Moreta Dragonlady of Pern and Nerilka's Story, from Science Fiction Book Club ISBN 0-7394-5192-8
Dalova Sr. Weyrwoman Igen Weyr is from Big Bay Hold, Igen (Igen Sea Hold) For she and Moreta talked both about the needs of a queen egg and 'timing' for the project. She had lost a lot of blood kin there. I was thinking of her and somehow got the gold mix up being

I don't know how might this going to work but here
Leri adamantly refused, declaring that she wasn't a tunnel snake to change her skin. She'd been born in Fort Weyr
its the one I recall about her and using a tunnel snake, and they got skin.
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