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The final part is now fully posted!

Chapter 40 - Rahnis and her Weyrleader talk things through

Chapter 41 - F'ren really doesn't want an audience with the Weyrleaders
Chapter 42 - The Weyrwomen of Pern meet in conclave.
Chapter 43 - Rahnis has a proposal
Chapter 44 - A warm winter day, a long time ago
Chapter 45 - Four dragons enter between...and the only certainty is that not all of them will survive...
Chapter 46 - The survivors know they're lucky to be alive
Chapter 47 - Epilogue

And I apologise for getting so defensive up-thread - blame my thin skin.

If you have read any or all of it, thanks for doing so, and I really appreciate all of the comments, both good and bad.

If you haven't... why not give it a try?
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