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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Hello, I'm Anneli. My real name, not a creation for online

I've been active in Anne McCaffrey online discussions for just under 5 years, for 4 of which I've been a host on Anne's Kitchen Table BB. I've also been lucky enough to meet several friends here in real life *waves at Cheryl, Hans and Pam*.

My first AMC love is Pern, although I also have everything else that Anne has ever written, except for a few rarities which I'm gradually tracking down on e-bay I tend to post only when I have something to say which hasn't already been said better by someone else, so don't expect me to pop up in any post-count-upping threads Not that I disapprove of them, just it's not my personal scene... My online time is unfortunately limited as I work full-time in real-life, so I try to make the best impact possible with the least amount of words in the time available
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