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Default Street candids in Edinburgh

I think we sometimes forget just how far digital photography has come in the last 10 years. I was a sceptic and a late convert, moving from film less than two years ago. Now, I'm sold.

Here are three street candids I took in Edinburgh city centre yesterday while waiting for a bus. As is, straight from the camera with absolutely no post=processing.:


Phoneman (I was pleased with the spectacle lens image)

Balloon girl

Yes, nice enough, you may say. But yeah, yeah - so what?

So what ? is the originals.

Here they are, full size, again as-is.

Digital? Not so shabby, huh? All three images Canon 5D c/w 70-200 2.8 IS L @ 200mm and ISO 100

And yes, Hans, I know phoneman is looking out of the picture. It was deliberate; I was trying to convey the bustle and impatience of modern life with the blurred buses to give context. That's my story, anyway
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