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Originally Posted by Anareth View Post
If it's original fiction, it isn't slash. Slash is a purely fanfic term regarding canon characters. You can't slash your own characters--you write them as gay. Just like it's not slash if the fan fic characters are canonically gay.

I have a question. . . what about a pair where one partner isn't human? It's not a sexual relationship (how can it be??), but it is a relationship in every sense of the word. In the specific case of Kirk/Spock, Spock wasn't entirely human and I don't think that it really mattered in the sceme of things!

F'nor/Canth. They're canon and there is a slash. . . does that make that relationship "slashy"? (Talk about a way to sour a lovely relationship, but anyway. . . )I personally have to agree with Lady M. here- sounds like a horror flick. Maybe because I'd just rather accentuate the positive.

As for the habital planet question, I'd say the 3 suns would have to be REALLY far away, so as not bake everyone. And said planet would have to have an incredible atmosphere, no holes in the ozone layer included. Ever had a bad sunburn?
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