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Well, if you want to get really technical, you're correct about the definition of "slash" Anareth. But given it's practically slang anyway...sort of straddles the line between slang and field-specific jargon...and English is a living language, I don't think my use of it is incorrect, particularly since I said "slashy", which leans towards meaning "has slash-like qualities" rather than "it IS slash". ::shrug:: I used it as an adjective, not a noun.

Anyway, back to the original topic...

Questions often arise, especially if I have a particularly exotic world in mind, such as how many moons can I have without messing up the tides and is a life-filled planet with three suns possible?
I've always like the idea of a habitable moon that orbits an inhospitable planet. The planet will loom very large in the sky (or it will as I imagine it--a habitable moon orbiting a gas giant or something).

I'm also fond of planets that are closer to spectacular cosmic phenomena (nebulae and the like) that they are prominent in the sky. One of my worlds is close enough to a nebula that it shows up distinctly in the night sky, and you can see patterns in it. So instead of having various zodiacs and constellations in their myths and legends and religions, they base those types of things on shapes seen within the clouds of the nebula.

I mean, if you take a look at this pics on google, it's easy to imagine what sorts of myths and legends would spawn if you could see those types of things in the sky above with your naked eyes.
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