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The word "slash" comes from how you describe the pairings. For example, if I wanted to "slash", oh, Robinton and F'lon, I'd speak of the pairing as Robinton/F'lon. With a slash between the two names. Technically Robinton/Menolly is not considered slash because it would be a heterosexual relationship. Despite the little slash between the names.

You know, I wonder if the hard-core use of the word "slash" to describe excessively pornographic male/male pairings is due to the scary murder vibe the word "slash" gives out to folks new to the jargon...of course, in slash fandom, things can just get weird anyway, so on the other hand, maybe not. Harry Potter slash fandom is fun to meander through, a "rare pairing" written well is very interesting (rare pair meaning two characters fans don't typically write about in a romantic way) but depending where you go it can get very strange and/or squick-tastic. (squick--jargon for when you come across content you think is rather more icky than hot.) It's not for everyone, although it seems to have a large proportion of young internet-savvy females. Sometimes I theorize slashy fanfic with male/male pairings (god, I almost wrote male/mail!) is the female's equivalent to men's lesbian porn videos. Buuuuut, that's probably a topic for an entirely different board.

In regards to building worlds...well, you asked which was harder and which was easier, which is what I answered.

I personally write both, things that are "urban fantasy" and much closer to real life, and things set on different worlds, although everything I've done so far is based on the real world in some way, even if just a small way, and tilted or twisted a bit. You do need to keep on top of your own rules either way, as Anareth pointed out. Internet fandom is pretty frank about flaws.

Creating entirely new worlds is definitely fun, but it takes more brainpower due to the reasons I stated before, at least at first when you are setting up the rules. I'd expect it would become easier the longer you write in that world. I have two different universes that revolve on a non-Earth world, so I'm not dissing it (hehe), just pointing out that it's more difficult to write, particularly if you intend to do it *well*.
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