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Domini...I would think that when you were first start writing, you would start out with what you know, what is easiest and at hand...but I would think that that would get to boring after a while...and that creating a world of your own, whether in Sci-Fi or here and would give you exciting challenges for your developing skills...not to mention giving you something that would stretch your creative powers to their fullest.

I know as an artist, I need to stretch myself as far as I can go, with trying to create something new that I have never tried before...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...but always I learn something new that I never realize I could do before. Here on MoM that seems to happen a lot....LOL.

I would think that the ultimate adventure for a writer would be in creating all of it yourself...characters, places, even time it's self if and when it might be needed...all that it takes for your own world to develop and come to life, to be all that you want it to be.
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