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This thread is absolutely amazing to read! There's how I do it. . . and then there's how everyone else does it. No one way is "better" than the other, and getting all the perspectives is absolutely fascinating! Keep on keepin' on.

I am both a 'writer' and a photographer, and find they tend to overlap a lot.I also have training in teaching and presenting, so that's probably why I tend to outline as much as I do, and am so 'theme-oriented'. I feel I need to get my ideas out on paper before I lose them (I have a very active mind; I'm always 'hopping' from one thing to another)

I've been told that I do have strong images in my writing. Well, whatever, but I think that's part of also being a photogtrapher. The entire point of photography is to ilicit an emotional responce from the veiwer, and personally I think that good writing should do the same thing. I want to see it, and smell it, and feel it, etc., take me there. I don't care if the story's set in the author's backyard, or on another planet.

Because I apparently have strong images, I do tend to "overuse" adjectives to some degree. I'm trying to 'fix' that, and all the while ferv ently avoiding the cliched mirror scene. I like to stick to reality, and real people don't usually stand around admiring themselves in a mirror. I agree that discription, while thorough, should be spread out. It depends on who's boots you're in at the time, who the character is, and they're relationship to the character being described. To use an example from my own stuff, the chapter from "Dragonrider with a Difference" where brown rider D'rel goes and talks with bronze rider N'stel. N'stel is D'rel's cousin, not his boyfriend, and he's probably seen the guy every day since he was born, so he knows what he's like- but does the reader? He's not going to take note of the fact that N'stel is quite a looker and quite the catch (which he is!), but D'rel has friendly dark eyes, and he'd probably notice the difference between them: N'stel's are crystal-blue. He'd also notice the similarities, or actually N'stel does, that they both like to break tradition and go against the grain. In writing this scene, I thought about my interactions with my own cousins. They are family, but I don't look at them like I want to marry them.

On the other end of things, Marianna (a main female protagonist) sees D'rel differently. She notices that he's not bad to look at, and that his hands are warm.She's not tall enough that he has to partially lift her on his dragon's back, and she notices that he's physically strong enough to do that without much trouble. His dragon (Zenyth) laughs at her for noticing all this, but he's happy because he wants to be Marianna's friend, and D'rel "never has much trouble with the pretty girls." Zen wants Marianna to be comfortable when with the 2 of them.

And speaking of shipping, I personally happen to think the dragon/rider relationship is beautiful- a powerful inter-species relationship like nothing else. It's not slashy but it is a 'ship, a lovely one.
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