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As long as description is integrated, I don't think it's a problem. I think you should NEVER read something where you realize "Oh, this is a paragraph of how they look" (there are some more literary styles that can get away with this, but not really genre fiction.)

In internet parlance, you pretty much will NEVER see slash used to refer to het pairings. There is some debate whether a gay pairing that's canon is slash, or if it should only refer to non-canon pairings. And the different nuances of anime terms (yaoi, yuri, uke, sem, etc) are just Byzantine.

If it's "real world" stories, I think it's easier to write present day to an extent (though the one place where I'm totally with Stephenie Meyer is that for me, cells phones and e-mails and such exist only where they HAVE to) simply because writing something set in the past requires a LOT of research or there WILL be some know-it-all who points out your mistakes. (I don't know on future as I don't write much/anything set in the future.) With a fantasy world that is TOTALLY outside our own, a low tech society is not hard because it's my world, if I can justify it within the physics/culture I've created, that's how it is, nanny nanny boo boo.

Now, when you get into Alternate Histories...THEN the crud hits the fan.
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