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Anareth...LOL...I take lots and lots of photos...LOL I do have a knack for remembering faces. I love faces...all kinds of faces...good looking or not, there all interesing to me. I sometimes appear to be staring at someone's face, all but to the point of rudeness...while I am storing their features, in my minds file, to use later. I also never seem to forget a face that I have stored in my mind...even when I don't remember their name.... I am horrible with names...but not the face that goes with it.

Do you write good descriptions of your characters in your stories? I always enjoy to read good descriptions, so I can visualize the characters in my mind. I think thats one of the reasons I love Anne's book...she is wonderful at describing EVERYTHING. I mean how many of us have gone off into our kitchens, looking for something to eat after reading one of her food descriptions...
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