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Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
I am surprised to find out that the creative mind seems to work so much alike, no matter what the field it's working in.
Back when I was a teen, 17 or 18 or so, I hung out on a digital artist's message board...Ebony Keep I think it was? This artist ran it, and if you click on that link you'll see just how astonishing a digital artist she is. I daresay she's as talented as Michael Whelan.

I came up with a theory that artists all speak dialects of the same "creative language". I was a writer on a message board with crazy-talented visual artists, they were all drawing and painting such lovely things that I *knew* how to imagine, but which, for me, came out as words on paper rather than lines and colors on paper as it did for them. I could see that we shared the same inspirations even if the end result was two very different types of art. And as I read their threads discussing digital (and traditional) art, it was quite illuminating, because I could see a common thread between how they did their stuff, and how I did mine.

(That's also where I saw a lot of sketches of multi-limbed beings and trees and hills seemingly existing in several dimensions or something )

To me it has to be kind of like dreaming, only with a start a middle and a slam bang finish.
The process, for me at least, is much like daydreaming. I see the story as a movie in my head, except I'm pretty much God, so I can re-play or reboot or re-do things until they seem right. I put them down on paper in words to preserve them long-term. When I'm working on a scene, it's not uncommon for me to stare into space, seeing my interal dreamworld where the charcters are like actors on a stage, doing things. Sometimes as I search for the right words to describe their actions they'll kind of stutter, as I replay it over a few times until I get the event-sequence the way I want it. I will re-set things, and slip into their shoes and play by the rule-set for the particular character(s) I'm working with.

I even have camera angles to a certain extent, and I swing in and out of 1st person and 3rd person POV. I can see things from any angle. I suspect if I ever wrote a true-blue script I'd learn how to "see" events from even odder camera angles.

So it also has a large connection to acting, for me.

This all said--I also have a friend with enough sales at this point to be considered pro, and she tells me it's not visual at all for her. The way I understand it, it's more of rythem, song, candence for her--much more auditory. Much more style-oriented.

It differs for everyone, however--mine isn't the only way. Hopefully someone else will share their process with us.
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