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Originally Posted by GHarris View Post
I always pictured glows as a type of fungi or moss.
Me too, which is why I'm wondering what they feed on to perpetuate their species - do they use the luminesence to lure insects that they digest, the way some flowering plants use their scents to attract insects for meals? Are they predatory to other cavern growths? Do they feed of materials in the excrement of cave-dwelling things - and if so, what /are/ those things - insects? mammals? reptiles?

It's like the discussion on klah - if they are regularly harvested for use as a light source then they must a) either be highly prolific (recovering quickly after a harvest) or require a very small unit to create a usable light (so a harvest is a small portion of the whole), b) have long usable life spans (allowing the population to recover while the current harvest is being used), or c) are a species that can be cultivated and nurtured to avoid wiping them out (so regardless of effective lifespan or quantity needed, they are maintained by their 'farmers'). Or a combination thereof - otherwise, 2500 years of use would have exhausted the supply, and they wouldn't be around in the 9th Pass.
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