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[QUOTE=Hans;126319]Sandi, thank you for the quote. Hmm, that would mean they kind of die during the journey to Pern, doesn't it? And of course it poses an Annconsistency because of her saying she created a mindless enemy (as opposed to the intelligent enemy, the Nathi, from the colonists relatively recent history).[/color]
Thread ovoids are completely harmless to humans in space. But by the time Thread falls through the air where they fight it, it IS mindless. So yes, she created a mindless enemy.

But when Aivas says "when they arrive here, they have lost most of their helium", does that mean they have lost most of it within their shell on the journey through space toward Pern, or have they lost it when they break out of the shell through the atmosphere?

You quote also indicates that there are several kinds of Thread, because some of them are intelligent, thus some of them are not... überThread?
It would depend on exactly what you mean. If you are defining Thread as any life that comes from the Oort cloud, then definitely. But he said that there was a whole ecology, which means many different species. It's unlikely that every species acts in the same destructive way. There will be simpler forms of life, and more evolved and intelligent forms. Surely they come in different forms. Maybe they all have shells, but the insides are different. Some might have coils inside, some might just have a jelly, some might have a jumble of balls, who knows. Some might be completely harmless if they fell on Pern. Or perhaps it's only the destructive ones that have the extremely resilient shells to make it through the atmosphere far enough to spill out its coils, and the other lifeforms have less tough shells and burn up entirely, not getting a chance to fall on Pern at all. There might even be massive asteroid-like ovoids with huge alien bodies inside. It could be that the asteroid that collided in Skies of Pern WAS one of these massive life-forms that only appeared to be a normal asteroid! (this is really far out, but you never know) But I think it very unlikely that all of them are like the destructive threads that make it to the surface of Pern.
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