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Originally Posted by Cavatica View Post
Using a tablet is just like using a pencil and paper. You set the thing in your lap, you put the pen on it, and you draw. ;> The only thing that gets some taking used to is the pressure settings, which you can adjust to be more or less sensitive. But I can't IMAGINE trying to draw anything with a mouse! Ugh!
I use a tablet (Wacom) for converting photos to scroll saw patterns. The hardest thing for me is: When you draw with a pencil, you are looking at your hand and the paper. With a tablet, you don't look at your hand, you're looking at your computer monitor. Gives a whole new twist to hand-eye coordination. I use Gimp 2 for the process. I learned quite quickly how to use "layers" so I could correct mistakes without losing the "good" work.

In my drawings, I don't use a "brush" as much as a "pencil", so I don't get as much of the varying thickness due to stylus pressure.

I applaud your work, Cav. Very expressive.
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