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Default Let It Burn

Wow, so I guess I don't post a lot of art here, huh? Erk. Okay, well, this is a piece to accompany "The Price That Life Exacts." It's not great -- I didn't have much of a reference for D'nor, so he came out of my head and as a result, he's sort of stiff-looking and I'm guessing wildly anatomically incorrect -- but I like the sketchy, unfinished thing it's got going on. And I'm pretty pleased with the firelight on Xavath there.

Blargh, whatever, here it is. (Click here for the high-res version.)

No sooner had the dragon touched earth than a terrific splitting noise drew the eyes and ears of all present: half a dozen townspeople leaped away as the roof of the ruined barn caved in, spraying ash and sparks. The structure sighed a fresh plume of smoke.

Do we need to tell him to bring water? asked D'nor, releasing his buckles and carabiners. He was met with no reply—only stillness. It stopped him cold. —Xavath?

Xavath was transfixed by the fire. The serrated curves of his teeth glittered in the half-gape of his slack jaw, and his eyes glowed a scorching, restless red. There was no telling whether the source of the light was internal or external. D'nor felt something stir in his chest: an inexpressible amalgam of grief and determination; an urgency—and a strange, primal, alien satisfaction. Xavath's low growl was a purr: it sent a shiver down the rider's spine.

No, the dragon said. Let it burn.

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