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Default Re: Collecting Highlight (16) - Dragonsong, the play or How To Make Your Own Firelizard!

Great info, Hans!!! I searched long and hard for my copy. When I tried to order it online I didn't get a copy either. But finally found a copy. Do you happen to know if the songs on the cassette tape, Dragonsongs, are the same ones used in the play? The tape was done in 1984, 5 years before the play, but Anne wrote some of the songs on the tape too. So I was wondering if she used them for the play as well. I don't have a cassette player to listen to the tape and there is no listing of the songs on the cover.
I didn't know that Anne rewrote the bit on how Menolly hurt her hand. Rather brutal that, with her dad breaking it. Tho I really wouldn't put it past ol' Yanis. (and if you say it's in the play then I can only say that I probably read that when I got my copy and forgot it, tho that's hard to forget.)
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