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Originally Posted by Eriflor View Post
Fandarel and Nicat did put together some kind of hand-held communicator (in SoP, I think). That's more like computer technology --- unless it was more of a walkie-talkie set, I can't remember the details, or what its range was.

I'm not sure Pern has the resources for technological improvements to become widespread, at least at the level cell-phones are available on Earth --- computer components require some pretty rare elements. At the very least it might be decades, even centuries, before the crafters got around to making some of the less needed items.

Probably the Weyrs, crafthalls and major holds would buy whatever they considered useful and could afford, and most places would own a lot less technology but be able to rent access to certain services and equipment when they needed them. Many would not be able to afford much at all, and either resent that, condemn technology as anti-traditional (those Abominators again, or the Luddites of our Industrial Revolution), or make a virtue of necessity and manage to live without it. More like 19th or early 20th century for most people, with some a lot better off. Now that would make an interesting novel!
In SOP there is several references to computer terminals being installed in several holds. Certainly if the Pernese can operate in space and AVIAS directed them to a level of technology that allowed them to do so, they can put together computer boards and create computer parts. Computer parts do not have to be that complicated. Look at the computers of the mid 20th century, mostly just transistors. If the Apollo astronauts can fly to the moon with computers that are less sophisticated than many cheep calculators today then the Pernese would be able to create information storage devices.
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