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Originally Posted by CuriousFlit View Post
Would a trip outside the Rukbat system really be too long Between? I thought the trips to the Red Star were only long because of the travel through time that was being done. Although, figuring out how to let a dragon breath from a spare air tank might be a problem, even though they are strong enough to carry some...
Remember, over 2500 years have gone by, so if you're thinking of them going back to look at Earth and the first colonies, they have no visualization to give the dragons.

They might be able to put together some kind of leak-proof habitat that the dragons could move to one of Rukbat's other planets or one of Pern's 2 moons --- perhaps to start a mining base if they were running out of some essential mineral. I can't see much point in them going any further from Pern, but some unforeseeable emergency might make it desirable.
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