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Default Re: Butchering animals

Originally Posted by Anareth
The cat was actually my favorite dissection--much easier to deal with than the dogfish shark (where the liver oils stunk up the place) and a little more clear-cut than the fetal pig. All the cats were going to be killed anyway (Carolina Biological Supply buys the carcasses from animal shelters) and I suspect the one I did would have died even if it hadn't been gassed, as it was horribly malnourished and had a major tapeworm. Only dissection I've heard of that I don't think I could do was the vivesection Mom had to do in dental school (basically, surgery where they never wake the in this case dog up. The dogs, again, came from the shelter and were going to be euthanized anyway, but I'm not sure I could cut into something living. Well, then again, I did the pithed frogs..okay, no living MAMMALS.)

Yes, I've chopped up a lot of dead things. That said I'd have a really hard time with an animal where I'd had a personal involvement. In my case that means I doubt I could behead a chicken I'd raised, in the book's case...maybe the predator/prey irony was too much for him.

It's not very likely the cat would have died from the tapeworm alone but I know where you are coming from. I have had to do many dissections and vivisections in school and it is difficult to rationalize to ourself even though you know the animal was doomed due to other forces than yourself.
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