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If Sassinak was ever made for the large or small screen...

If Sassinak was ever made for the large or small screen, I hearby vote that they hire actress Michelle Forbes to play her. For anyone watching the new Battlestar Galactica, she's currently guest starring as Admiral Helena Cain of the Pegasus, and you've seen that she can play a tough-as-nails bitch of a military commander. While the character of Admiral Cain is more hard-line military than Sassinak (yes, it's possible!), but you can probably see that if she ever cracked a smile, she could also play the at-ease and sometimes vulnerable side of Sassinak as well. Forbes could easily go from that awe-inspiring command presense to the relaxed, feminine Sassinak trying on a designer gown before an elite soiree.

For anyone not watching BG, you may perhaps know the actress from the role of Ensign Ro on ST:TNG, or as Lynne Kresge from the second season of 24.

I don't usually get into casting, but watching the most recent episode tonight it just hit me like a rock that she IS Sassinak.
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