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Default Re: Butchering animals

I know for myself I couldn't kill and cut up (dress down how ever you want to put it) an animal myself. I could help with the other parts like cleaning what had already been cut up but I couldn't deal with the actual blood coming out at me and looking at the innards and stuff. I have no problem with people killing animals (I do realize that's where they come from when I buy my steaks and pork chops at the market) IF the intent is to eat them. Killing animals for sport ("Gee Fred I like the rack on that buck so lets kill it and leave the body to rot and waste" ) I don't like.

I can see someone not having a problem killing something if cornered (even though I don't normally think I could kill something or someone if cornered I probably could and would) but if they got away without harming their attacker and then the killing happened later on I might have a problem. But that's just me. Gettiong off my and turning in my
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